Dwarf Rogue


Dwarf Rogue (two weapon fighting style)
Royal Assassin for the Kingdom of Tuskoy
Level: 5
AC: 21 (+ 1 Scale Mail & Two Weapon Defense); HP: 54
Str: 16; Dex: 19; Con: 16; Int: 12; Wis: 14; Cha: 8
Fort: 4; Ref: 8; Will: 3 (+2 vs poison, spells & spell-like abilities)
BAB: 3

Battleaxe (main hand)
Masterwork Hand Axe (off hand)

SNEAK ATTACK: +3d6 dam
Evasion, Uncanny Dodge

Perception: 11
Stealth: 12
Disable Device: 14

Special Equipment:
+ 1 Scale Mail


Killed (along with Crugator, Norvin and Viceak) while tending to a troll infestation along the trade routes to Gault in the South.


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