Elf Wizard


Elf Necromancer
Magistar of the Kingdom of Tuskoy
Level: 4
AC: 13; HP: 24
Str: 10; Dex: 16; Con: 14; Int: 20; Wis: 12; Cha: 10
Fort: 3; Ref: 4; Will: 7
BAB: 2
Effective Caster Level vs Spell Resistance: 8

Spellcraft: 12
Knowledge Arcane: 12
Knowledge The Planes: 12

Spell-like Ability – Grave Touch
Supernatural Ability – Command Undead

Arcane Bound Ring: Can cast any spell in spellbook once per day directly from ring

Current Favorite Summoned Monster:
Giant Ant Drone (with Augment Summoning feat)
Creature Level 2
AC: 19; HP: 26
Str: 22; Dex: 14; Con: 25; Int: —; Wis: 17; Cha: 15
Fort: 10; Ref: 2; Will: 3
BAB: 1
Bite Attack: Attack Bonus + 7; Damage 1d6+6 plus grab
Sting Attack: Attack Bonus + 7; Damage 1d4+6 plus poison (1d2 Str dam)

Immune to Mind Effects,
Darkvision, Scent, Toughness

Special Items:
Missile Guard Shield


Killed while undergoing a humanitarian mission to rid the the area of a pair of marauding Manticores.

Later brought back to life by the Cleric Jhod Kavken through the Raise Dead spell wherein he lost two permanent levels.


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