Human Cavalier of the Order of the Sword & Ruler of the Kingdom of Tuskoy


Human Cavalier (Order of the Sword)
Ruler of Tuskoy (kingdom established with the city of Virmire on the Tusk Waters lake)
Married to Caiella

Level: 6
AC: 22 (Full Plate armor & heavy steel shield); HP: 54
Str: 19; Dex: 14; Con: 16; Int: 12; Wis: 10; Cha: 16
Fort: 8; Ref: 4; Will: 4
BAB: 6/1

Mounted charging attack with a lance against a foe that is the target of a challenge:
Attack Bonus: 18 (BAB+6; STR+4; Mounted+1; Banner+1; Charge+4; Challenge+2)
Damage 1d8x3+9 (crit x3) [12 to 33 dam] [or 18 to 81 on crit]

Ride: 11 (13 vs knock from saddle)
Diplomacy: 12

Heavy Horse “Dagger Point”
Level: 6
AC: 23 (Chainmail Barding ); HP: 54
Str: 22; Dex: 21; Con: 21; Int: 6; Wis: 17; Cha: 11
Fort: 10; Ref: 10; Will: 5
BAB: 4

Tricks/Feats/Special Abilities:
Low-light Vision, Scent, Endurance, Run, Diehard, Animal Companion Link, Combat Trained, Stay Trick, Light Armor, Medium Armor, Track (scent), Fetch, Evasion, Power Attack, Devotion

Special Equipment:
+2 Longsword of Fey Bane



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