The Theft of Lands

The Ancient Elves

The Adventurers, whilst investigating the Narlmarches south and west of their budding town, come upon an ancient and overgrown keep. Caiella examines the stonework: “This is an ancient elven stronghold – older than most things in this area. Clearly the elves claimed this land long ago!”

The keep is a small one, about 100 feet in diameter. It is a soft, rounded design with possibly four towers growing off of it like trees. Time has taken its toll as the forest has begun to reclaim the area. The keep is covered in vines, trees grow from the towers, and it is hard to tell where the old stonework ends and the new forest growth begins.

The group comes to the entrance on the east side of the keep. The door is open, but the group is wary and split up. Arastine and Caiella circle to the south past one of the rounded towers, and discover the wall on has partially collapsed providing a second entry into the keep. Quickly the two women scamper over the pile of rubble and into the courtyard where the spot a glowing figure casting something on the side of the wall next to the entrance-way. Caiella signals Effish, whom, along with Altanus, remained near the main portcullus, to be on the watch. Arastine rolls out to the west, hoping to out flank the magic user they saw, while Caiella sits by the southern wall.

All at once hell breaks out: something runs by Caiella, so fast she could hardly focus on it. The creature attacks Caiella, but she had prepared, and the attack misses due to here blur spell. Worried about their newly-wed ruler, Effish summons a giant frilled lizard and sends it into the courtyard to help Caiella. As the lizard enters the courtyard it is attacked by an assassin vine and the portcullus slams shut, locking Effish, Altanus, and Chucky, Effish’s apish animal companion, on the outside. A second creature jumps out and intercepts Arastine, locking her in combat with poison tipped claws.

Chucky climbs the gate to get in the courtyard, while Effish shifts into a leopard and soon follows suit. Altanus attempts to climb the gate as well, but can’t do it, nor can he lift it! He is stuck on the outside.

The quick little green monster makes another run on Caiella, invisible as it passes the lizard and ape. Still the beast detect the evildoer with the sense of smell and attack, hitting the creature who continues on, faster than can be detected, to strike Caiella in the back, this time scoring a hit before disappearing into the opposite tower.

Arastine engages the tall, green, elvish creature with her bow and point blank range, firing over and over, scoring hit upon hit. The evil fey seems undaunted and continues to beat on her with his claws. Caiella, unable to engage the quickling, pulls out her bow in an attempt to attack the larger of the two foes, while the ape, lizard, and effish in leopard form attempt to trap the quicker of the two in the tower.

As the battle begins to turn in favor of the companions a Lady begins to float down into the courtyard. Suggestively, she dances, trying to confuse the intruders, but alas the two primaries are women and the others appear to be animals – none succumb to her alluring gyrations. The Dancing Lady reaches the ground and charges to Caiella, biting her, sucking the life from her, and tearing at her with her claws.

The companions respond as one, concentrating on the Lady. Chucky attacks from the left and scores some big hits and Effish comes from behind to encircle the Lady. Fearing for the Lady’s safety the larger fey shouts and attempts to intercept the ape, preventing it from further hurting the Lady. Arastine takes advantage of the move and sends the final shots into the creatures back, putting the monster down.

Briefly the quickling comes back into the frey, hoping to feel the rush of stealing the life out of Caiella with some quick back-stabbing attacks. Seeing the battle turn, the little green creature separates itself from battle and flees. With the entire group attacking her the Lady stands no chance. Stubbornly she holds on to Caiella, sucking the life from her. Caiella struggles but can’t break free. Still, with the help of Effish, Chucky, and Arastine, the Lady is destroyed.


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