The Theft of Lands

On to the Wild

The Adventurers delivered their prisoners to Oleg’s to find a few new faces, and in so doing have picked up some new information and tasks to perform. Included in these tasks are the hunt for an old abandoned Temple or Eristil.

So into the wild they go to finally get to the task of drawing out a map.

East they head, past old Bokken’s hut (whom among other things, sends the group on the search of Fangberries), and loop back a few more days and back West of the trading post. As they enter the Narlmarches the forest fey pick up their trail and begin tormenting the group nightly. The pass an trap-filled glade and helpfully remove some of the traps. Further west they meet up with a mischievous group of fey known as Griggs. Through this encounter they begin to understand the forces which have been tormenting them. Petorin is the first to consider providing ‘gifts’ to the sprites who have been so ‘amusing’ over the last few weeks. Soon enough the entire group provides food as gifts and their tormentors – a Grigg and Faerie Dragon (named Tyg-Titter-Tut and Perlivash respectively) make themselves known, thank the group for the fun they have provided, and show the group some points of interest including the location of a hidden temple.

The group come upon an ancient grave of some barbarian warrior but respect the grave site too much to investigate. On their way back to the trading post the group investigates the death of a trapper. Was this the same trapper who laid out those bear traps in which the group had previously almost been caught? Who killed the trapper – was it those mites they have heard so much about? Those questions are left un-answered as the group proceed back North and East to the trading post, dispatching some kobolds and collecting some Moon Radishes on the way.


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