The Theft of Lands

Further for Glory

After freeing the cursed Guardian of Eristil’s Temple, the Adventurers, Striker, and Stacey continued West and reach the stinking waters of the Skunk River, whereat they defend themselves from aggressive giant frogs living in the warm pools at the source of the Skunk.

Continuing on, heading South the group find the overgrown statue of a giant man with the head of an Elk. Altanus cleans the statue and thanks Old Deadeye for his help in taming this wild land. Back Eastward, now, searching the Narlmarches for good land and future resource, the group come upon a pair group of ruined buildings. Quietly they split up between two destroyed halls buried deep in the marshes at a thinner section of the Skunk River.

Striker and his crew find the lair of a giant frog-like beast covered in slime and wallowing in filth – a purple Slurk! Meanwhile Belril and his group reach the smaller ruin and find the nest of lone Boggard.

Striker sees an opportunity at surprise and charges forward, attacking the unknowing Slurk, which croaks loudly in warning. Garuum, the Boggard, takes notice and runs to his pet’s aid, only to be intercepted by Belril. In a few brief moments of fierce battle both the Frog-man and Frog-monster are dispatched, and these buildings freed for future use.

Basking in a few good deeds done, Stacey and Striker move on alone, heading North and East to find their own adventure elsewhere while the Adventures head East to further document the wild lands of the Stolen Kingdom.


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