The Theft of Lands

Eristil's Temple

The Adventurers talk to the folks at the trading post, selling off their radishes and other goods, and pick up a pair of new adventurers – a beast of a Fighter named Striker and a dragon-blooded sorcerer named Stacey. Together they head to the location of the hidden temple Perlivash described.

The reach the old temple – an old beaten thing made of stone and overgrowth, and roughly the shape of an Elk’s head. While discussing what to do the loud roar of a bear-beast is heard inside. The group proceed in, engage the bear in combat.

Striker makes the first move, trying to intercept the charging bear, but the bear brushes him aside and heads straight to Altanus! Completely surrounded, the bear takes hit after hit, but none strong enough to pull the beast from tasting his new prey – the priest of Eristil. With a wild smile the bear slaps the cleric with its huge paws, then bites into him. Vainly the group attempt to down the bear, the cleric attempts to heal, but all for naught! The bear, with a final tear from its monstrous maw, tears the hapless priest’s neck out and tosses the bloody corpse aside. But the bear is not impregnable and as he searches for his next feast the mighty Striker brings the beast down.

Upon the bear’s death a shadow lifts from the temple and the pool at the center of the temple glows dimly. Hoping beyond hope the companions immerse their fallen brother into the warm waters. Eristil is at hand, and holds the cleric close to mind, and heals Altanus so he can fight for Eristil on another day.


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