The Theft of Lands

The Background

Before the beginning

Group History

The four Adventurers are a small group, recently formed, to gather funds and fame, or to pass their time. A new adventurers guild named The Varnish Syndicate has been spreading through Brevoy, incorporating smaller adventurer bands into a larger conglomerate to make it easier to match adventurers and clients throughout the vast kingdom. Naturally, our budding youths joined this guild to expose themselves to a broad range of possible jobs.

No sooner have they payed their dues then the Varnish Syndicate Office delivers them a note inviting them to apply to help explore the Stolen Lands for the Lord Mayor of Restov. Though the job does not promise a stipend or regular payment, it does promise high adventure, chance for gallantry, and ample un-taxable treasure. The group passed the initial eyeball testing in Restov and was invited to the grand city for personal interviews (this adventure business is a lot more paperwork once the government gets involved!).

A fortnight ago, as part of a feast and with great pomp, the four adventurers were awarded one of four charters from the Brevic government. Their task, says their charter, is to explore the stolen lands just south of Oleg’s Trading Post. They are to begin their journey at Oleg’s, and from there explore an area 60 miles wide, and 60 miles deep into the wilderness.

Recent Brevic History
Brevoy has been a nation in turmoil. 13 years ago the young king xxxx of house yyyy disappeared, as did all his known relatives. With no known successor the King’s Regent, [[:Lord Stetven]], took the crown as his own. Tho the transfer of power was bloodless, not all in Brevoy accepted this change. House Stetven comes from the North of Brevoy, in a region known as Iberia. Those from the South of Brevoy, in the area known as Rostland, have a deep routed historical animosity towards Iberia which only the power of house yyyy could suppress.

In the intervening years the Brevoy has become a smoldering cook-pot waiting to burst open as soon as prodded the wrong way. It appears civil war is inevitable unless someone can cool the situation. With the recent history of not-to-distant Galt and its 40 year ‘revolution’ fresh on everyone’s mind the people of Brevoy can only hope that they can avoid such chaos.

The Stolen Lands, why now?
The land south of the Rostlander road is often named ‘The Stolen Lands,’ tho who it was stolen from and by whom differs depending whom you ask. Generally the Stolen Lands is drawn as part of the River Kingdoms, though it is not claimed by any particular kingdom at the moment. Rostland, and thus Brevoy has long claimed the land is theirs, inherited when the great empire of Taldor, Rostlands parent empire some centuries ago, receded back south and splinted into so many pieces. Taldor itself still lays claim to it, though only in wistful promises of future glory and long tales of past glory.

In truth, noone owns the Stolen Lands. Even in the full power of the Taldor Empire, Taldor was unable to successfully civilize the area. Centuries later Brevoy attempted to settle the area and did not last 5 years before retracting its borders. Many a River Kingdom grew in the Stolen Lands, but all either were forced west, south, or became extinct.

But the Stolen Lands beckon to be civilized. Recently, bandit activity has grown, and since most of those bandits are humans, it is assumed their presence means the area is more ripe for civilization now then ever before. Other tales of monsters in area grow more common as well – but that must only mean more people are passing through the area and surviving to tell those tales! Finally, there is a real need to do something in the area – vital trade routes have been slowed or stopped recently due to monsters, pirates, or politics. Something needs to be done, and necessity is the mother of action, as the saying goes.

With all this, more attention is being drawn to the Stolen Lands, eyes drawn to the region by bards and travelers tales have led to recent historical and geologic studies of the area. Popular opinion (among the learned anyway) is swaying in the direction that, given a determined parent nation, a multi-pronged plan of development, and highly motivated pioneers that successful settlement of the area is possible. Of the nations large enough to take such action, Brevoy is the only nation in the region up to the task.


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