Welcome adventurers. A grand new test of skill, patience, and nerves awaits!

To the Varnish Syndicate of Adventurers, the Nation and Kingdom of Brevoy has issued four new charters for a long term advancement into the Stolen Lands. King Stetvan, by way of his faithful servant the Lord Mayor of Restov, has issued a request to our Syndicate for adventurers to head into the lands south of the Rostlander Road in the area known as the Stolen Lands. Their goal, says the mayor, is to calm the border area, remove brigands and pirates, clear the profitable Sellen River system for travels and trade, and generally make travel along the lands Brevoy owns safe for commerce.

We know, however, that Brevoy has long considered these lands its own… as have many a River Nation, at times Taldor, and even Ioberia. The Stolen Lands has long fought off civilization and it appears to me that Brevoy and perhaps more specifically Restov may attempt to expand the Brevic Empire to include several vassal states in the area. Surely these four expeditions into the area will pave the way for these new nations and this is your chance to stamp your name on the map of Golarion!

Any of the Varnish Syndicate who wish to join in this exciting quest should apply at your local office. The four groups will be chosen by the Lord Mayor of Restov and charters will be appointed directly by his office.

The Theft of Lands

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